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    Lost Love
    Shared :

    Once upon a time, there was a royal family in London. The queen and the king had two babies named Vanessa and Rose. They were very pretty princesses. But Vanessa had a bad habit--killing people because she often saw people being killed inside the kingdom. Rose was very kind-hearted. Although they had different characters, they still loved each other.

    Once near the cliff, while Vanessa was killing people, Rose came to stop Vanessa. Then accidentally Vanessa pushed Rose into the deep foggy abyss around the cliff. Vanessa got shocked at what were happening. She had killed her sister! From that moment, Vanessa began regretting for what she had done and she decided not to kill people any more.

    Vanessa believed that Rose was still alive. She kept searching for Rose. One year later, she went back to the cliff to search for Rose again. She met up a woman in a gothic dress. She seemed to be in great pain. At that time, Vanessa, who had already become kind, helped that woman. The woman's name was Rebecca. Rebecca was a poor and lived near the cliff alone. Vanessa always came to the cliff as she missed her sister Rose. When she came, she brought Rebecca some food. As time passed by, they became good friends. Vanessa told Rebecca about her boring life in palace and revealed her innermost feelings. How lonely she was!

    One day Vanessa took Rebecca to the cliff and told Rebecca her sad story. Vanessa stood at exactly the same place where Rose had dropped off the cliff and Rebecca stood behind Vanessa. Suddenly Rebecca pushed Vanessa into the abyss. Soon after Vanessa woke up, she couldn¡¯t believe her eyes! What a beautiful valley! The so-called abyss was in fact a valley filled with colorful flowers and delightful animals. What surprised her more, Rose appeared and she called her name. She was really alive! They hugged each other and couldn¡¯t stop their happy tears. Since then, they had lived happily in the peaceful valley. Rebecca disappeared quietly. Actually Rebecca had known everything long before. As the most helpful fairy, she was really busy. She was on her way to help other people like Vanessa to find their lost love.

    The end.


    Written by Vania ÄÝæ« & Viony Åí×Ï»Û, International class ¹ú¼Ê°à.

    Teacher: Summer Â¡Ðñºì

    November, 2014.

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