American Culture Year Series Activities- International Teacher Lecture
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Record of “American Culture Origin” Lecture


Our International Teacher Lecture is always one of our school’s English teachingand research activities most important parts; it is part of every term’sprogram. In this term, international teachers Carl and Nick worked together tobring an amazing original American culture lecture to students and teachers, inconnection with our school’s “American Culture Year” theme this year.

The lecture was divided into two parts. The first part focused on the influence of geography, human migration, economy and the world framework in American Culture’s origin and development, which was presented to representative students and teachers. At the same time, two of the high school’s gifted class students presented using proficient oral English to analysis President George Washington, their presentation was praised by everyone. These two students had authentic pronunciation with fluent oral expression and generous body language which showcased the American Gifted Program students’ curriculum advantages. The second part was especially focused on recent history, the political and cultural changes and developments. In this lecture, a prize quiz stimulated participants’ interestand attention.

The two teachers made detailed preparations for the lecture. Carl researched many materials and documents to ensure the lecture information was accurate. Nick gave technical support which translated difficult geography and American culture concepts into vivid, informative, animation slides. Their cooperation made for a great performance.

For the lecture, we also invited Professor Li Hua, from Guangzhou Second Normal University.She gave high praise for our two international teachers’ professional performance and thought it highlighted our middle school’s strong English teaching atmosphere.


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