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Culinary Contest
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By  Rose from Kindergarten


  On April 14th 2013, a culinary contest of Thai cuisine was run in Kaiza Plaza, Tianhe. All volunteers and foodie renegades could join that competition. Two of the participants are teachers from GuangzhouHuamei International School: English kindergarten teacher Rose and a Chinese kindergarten teacher Lucky. They performed in a group of three and became runner-ups, took the 3rd place. Here Rose shares her impression.


                                3 winners

                                                                           3 winners

Why you decided to partake in this contest?


    In kindergarten all foreign teachers lead art interest groups: photography, handcrafting, singing, origami. This year I am in charge of a culinary class. Once a week we gather with students to make something delicious. Occasionally dishes are dedicated to upcoming Chinese, British and American holidays. We create culinary masterpieces working in groups as well as making cuisine miracles on a plate individually. I and several Chinese teachers are trying to introduce to the children new simple recipes that could be easily repeated at home, develop a creative approach in cooking and make fun from food preparation, and at the end of a class we do not forget  to taste self-cooked dishes and enjoy them.


    When I heard about this contest I felt that I had to join it and win.  I thought I shall not limit myself only with weekly classes, but I am obliged to do my best and be an excellent example for my students to achieve results outside of the school. Challenging always brings you on upper level, besides it’s a great opportunity to show off your skills and learn something new. With these thoughts and feelings Lucky and I came to the venue.


Tell us about the dishes you cooked?


    There were 20 teams and we needed to cook two Thai dishes: papaya green salad and pumpkin potato pudding. We cooked under the guidance of 2 chiefs: Zhen Zian and Cheang Chi.

Impressed faces of  judges

impressed faces of judges

  Chiefs explained the method and showed how to cook the dessert. Time conditions were strict only 30 minutes to prepare it.


    I faced this dish first time in my life. So the process was: we carved a pumpkin. Mixed mashed potato with purple jelly, and poured the substance into the carved pumpkin. Then put it in the fridge to have jelly freeze and after 30 minutes cut to slices. We decorated it with almond and yogurt.


    The second dish was easy to make. It was a green papaya salad. What we did to make it was: we mashed chili pepper, peanut, tomatoes, peeled green papaya, lime, carrots and garlic all together in a wooden cup, and then added a sauce and almost it was done. But the taste of teams’ salad was the same, and the lion share of our victory was in outstanding decoration and expressive presentation of the dish. We managed to impress judges and they highly evaluated our work with comments in Chinese and English “Very good!”

4 flying over Thailand

                                                                                      "Flying over Thailand"

Do you have any secrets of cooking?


    I find it boring to follow a recipe all the time, and I deem that cooking requires improvisation, and implementation of fantasy and creativity.  Whether it comes to consistency of the dish or merely the look of one. Sports and cooking for me are the best therapy from unpleasant moments in my life.


    When I host lunch parties and invite friends who are even on a diet, great victory for me their words “I’m dieting, but not today!”

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