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Get together in Botanical Garden, Deliver Friendship through Barbecue
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    On 17th November, the IEO department in Huamei International School elaborately organized a happy barbecue party for all international teachers working at Huamei School, and their families, in the South China Botanical Garden, the largest botanical Garden in Asia, which is about 2 km from our school.     

    The barbecue location is in the central part of the South China Botanical Garden, enclosed by the fresh air, colorful scenery and lasting laughter from the travellers. IEO has prepared all necessary food, drinks and materials in advance. On stepping in, people starting the cooking, such as cleaning the cooking equipments, bunching the food. The American couple Arturo and Nancy, who are teaching in the GIA program, began lighting the fire. Suddenly, the light smoke curled up slowly. It was the real time for us to start the barbecue. There were so many different kinds of food on the stone bench, such as pork、beef、fish、corns、eggplants、peppers、sausages、red wine、beverages and fruits. Some roasted the food, some helped to oil the food, and others put condiments. The laughter was continuous through the barbecue party. After the busy cooking, everyone was enjoying the fruits of their own labour. Each face was full of happy smile. In the meantime, Rose who is the kindergarten foreign teacher shared the self-made delicious sandwich with us.

    It was wonderful for us to enjoy the beautiful environment in South China Botanical Garden, to breathe fresh air freely, and to enjoy the friendship without national borders. It was a worthwhile trip. Later on, we teamed up freely to enjoy the comfortable nature in the botanical garden. It was a great opportunity between the different departments and IEO to communicate effectively and increase friendship. We are looking forward to more and more get-together in the future. 












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