Message from the School Supervisor 2015-2016
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Time flies. Since June 19th 1993, when the school was founded, the past 22 years witnessed the early founders transformed from ambitious youth to grey-headed. We are proud to see both Huamei School’s good reputation and its outstanding graduates renowned both at home and abroad.


Despite ups anddowns over the past 22 years, we remain firm and calm. Here, we together shareall the joy, bitterness, growth and harvest. With unyielding ideals and strongambition to “integrate eastern and western educational philosophies, andcultivate Chinese modern elites”, we embrace all the difficulties andchallenges with great determination, and we always bearing in mind our goal toeducate our students be become better and more successful persons than us.


We deeplyunderstand the responsibility we are bearing: cultivating students to have a strongbody, sound personality and mentality is the premier mission for a boardingschool. Enabling students to develop their knowledge and skills is the school’sfundamental responsibility; the knowledge and skills will support the children to become functional adults in society. In addition, children’s development inmoral and leadership domains are also what parents and educators expect. Forthe country’s future, it is vital for children to learn to be team players and take responsibilities. Through schooling at Huamei, we first help our childrento form good behaviors and learning habits, and then with classroom instructionand through extra-curricular activities we teach them how to be good persons,good Chinese. There is no doubt that the children are the future of their families,our motherland, and the whole of mankind!


Looking into thefuture, we wish all our students and alumni to grow healthily and confidentlyon campus, to learn to study independently and collaboratively, to form goodhabits and to reach their potential. Thus, once you start a new life in society,you will become individuals we your teachers, China and the world are proud of. Wehope that all the staff will enjoy a happy, healthy and successful life on afriendly, helpful and beautiful campus.


In the meantime, wealso hope everybody in Chinahas an opportunity to realize his or her dream that we are living in an equal,respectful and supportive society and the country itself becomes more and morebeautiful with better protection of the environment. Let’s be dedicated inbuilding up a stronger and wealthier country where all the people are pursuingtheir personal dreams. Finally, let’s work together to achieve our National Dream- the well-being of the people that all can lead decent and peaceful life withequal opportunities.


The school willstart from the new point with 22-years of outstanding achievements. Based onreflection, exploration, learning and practice, all the Huamei staff will moveforward to nurture our students to develop soundly in physical, emotional,intellectual, moral and social areas, with perseverance in “building up a highquality school, following the path of internationalization, and developing aneternal educational brand”, to better pay back society and our great nation!



Jia Xiong



Lifelong HonoraryPrincipal, School Supervisor

Guangzhou Huamei International School

(Jia Xiong:Educational Inspector of the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality;M.S., Guelph University, Canada; M.A., York University, Canada;

EMBA, University of Ottawa, Canada)   

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