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Huamei, a truly poetic name, which not only brings people positive hints and hope, but also makes us feel powerful and guides us to move forward. Over the last 22 years, the Huamei community embraced many difficulties and challenges, became much stronger with firm beliefs, which has led Huamei School to have achieved great success.


2015 is a wonderful year for Huamei since we are entering the Second Stage of Pioneering Development. The early founders, who witnessed the establishment of Huamei School, once again, in our time, become a major force. With strong ambition and great responsibility, we keep on improving our educational system and developing students character. We firmly bear in mind that everything we do is for children.


Through schooling at Huamei, we hope students will continue to form good habits and behaviors in daily life, develop sound character and outstanding learning attitude and skills, and lead a happy life in the future. In the meantime, we hope they can understand the importance of being a good Chinese by taking up responsibility. Looking into the future, we wish all our students to focus on their academics and to enjoy the co-curricular activities, to grow healthily and confidently on campus, to explore life and to reach their potential, to become unique individuals in which we, your teachers, your country China, and your world can be so proud.


On the other hand, we also expect parents to make progress together with their children and improve themselves by learning how to be good parents. Moreover, we also hope that parents can work diligently together with us to make the environment a better place for our children to study and grow. We strongly wish all the staff at Huamei can smile and exercise everyday to keep healthy. We look forward to seeing that all staff be lifelong learners through reading, improving themselves, and enjoying their work and life.


We sincerely hope China can achieve its national dream to become increasingly strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious. We sincerely hope Guangzhou, which is a peaceful and tidy city, can rejuvenate itself. We also sincerely hope all personnel at Huamei can lead a respectful, affluent and happy life during the path of achieving their dreams.


The school will start from the new point of 22-years of outstanding achievements. All the Huamei staff will commit to the Second Stage of Pioneering Development, with perseverance in Authenticity, Love, Virtue, Exploration, unyielding ideals to integrate Eastern and Western educational philosophies, and to cultivate Chinese modern elites, the standard of Eight First-Class and great ambition to develop and renovate, to build up one of the best private schools in Southern China.




Feng Chen



Guangzhou Huamei International School

(Feng Chen: Doctor of Educational Management at Peking University; Associate Researcher in Educational Management; Vice President of the Educational Experiment Association under the Chinese Society of Education )   

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