Welcome to Guangzhou Huamei International School! 2008
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Welcome to Guangzhou Huamei International School!


The past fifteen years have witnessed the rapid development and success of Huamei School, with providing top quality education to all the students as its permanent goal of all Huamei staff, led by a group of returned scholars from Canada.


Huamei School is a challenging and reputable private boarding school committed to the development of all the students. It is a unique and beautiful campus, characterized by the charming styles of South China. It is also a safe, warm and nurturing community where healthy, open, creative and energetic culture is advocated and developed. All the faculty and staff members of Huamei School are dedicated individuals who maintain a deep commitment to the career of education and the development of each individual student based on his/her features.


With the realization of the centurial Olympic dream in 2008, China has developed into a new international stage. Meanwhile, thousands of Huamei Alumni have become international elites in various fields. The school’s reputation and international recognition have been improved significantly. To continuously achieve the permanent goal for all the students, all the staff of Huamei will be devoted themselves into education to foster more modern elites who are able to adapt themselves into the fast-changing society in the future.


The school will start from the new point with the 15-year outstanding achievements. Abiding by the lofty tenet Integrating eastern and western educational philosophies, nurturing Chinese modern elites, all the staff will spare no effort to provide a comfortable educational environment and ideal learning opportunities for all our students, to motive students to learn integrated skills, and contribute to the society with more outstanding achievements.


Jia Xiong




Guangzhou Huamei International School


(Jia Xiong:

Educational Inspector of the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality

M.S., Guelph University, Canada;

M.A., York University, Canada;

EMBA, University of Ottawa, Canada.)   

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