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(Samanti, a AFS cultural exchane student from Italy, hosted by Huamei School and the Chinese host family, just began her fresh new life here. She speaks on behalf of new students at the school opening ceremony for the new students).

 zun jing de laoshi tongxue men nimen hao!,wo jiao samantha,wo shi yidali de jiao huan sheng,shi Zhongxue guo ji ban de xuesheng.wo lai zhong guo xuexi hanyu,hai you wo xiang xuexi zhong guo de wen hua (written in Chinese pinyin).

Sorry my Chinese is limited so I will have the speech in English. This year is my first time here at Huamei international school.

I have never been away from home for a long time and I know that maybe some of you are the same. when I walked into the gate of the school last week, everything was new for me and because of this I felt excited, nothing seemed to be impossible!<<.there are a lot of new things here, a lot of rules>>,first  I said<< I am not used to them, but I can get used now, I am sure I can!>>at that time I really believed in these words and still now , but in different way ,later something happened those new things became different and strange. Those new faces were not my friend yet, I realize that I was not in Italy, but in new country where nobody can understand me and I thought that there was no place for me here .after being here for 1week I started to have some doubts and I felt sad because some difficulties become across. Many questions without answer grew in my mind.

I understand if you determined to experience a different life you should accept all these unexpected difficulties. The people I know always tell me to work hard to learn language, to know the culture and to adapt myself to a new environment. i was struggling to find my place here before now I have found my answer to my questions, such as: why should I work hard? my answer is: nothing is free in this world and hard work is price for success, now I understand that this experience can give some extra bonus that I never expected .finally when I miss my family, my friends, my home, my life in Italy. I always think about that made me decided to come here. I have been told that our culture are to far, too different to build bridge between them. Now I know that there is no gap, no fence between our culture, only a door ,and I am here because I want to open this door. so I hope that everyone can help me .now I know here there a place for me, only I have to adapt myself to it. I feel lucky to have found such a great school which represent the place where I can fulfill my dream.

xian zai wo mei tian xuexi hanyu,wo ke yi nian ke wen ,xie hanxi,jiao hen duo zhong guo pen you,

xiexie da jia,xiexie Huamei!(Thank you all, thanks to Huamei!)

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