I love China!
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I Love China

By Francesca

           —2008-2009AFS exchange student from Italy



Dear teachers and school fellows,

One year ago, China was just a word in my dictionary. Now, China is the place where I live and study.

The first time I said how are you and good morning in Chinese, the first time I spoke out my name in Chinese, I knew that I was in a whole new world, but this world made me confused and embarrassed. I dared not open my mouth to express myself, and even not to look straight into the Chinese students’ eyes. At the very beginning, Chinameant fear to me.

Luckily I came to Huamei School. Teachers and students showed me their hospitality and gave me great help. More important is that they encouraged me with big smile and nice words, at any time and anywhere. At that time,China means warmth to me.

I study in International class. Teachers teach me the pronunciation and meaning of Chinese words and sentences. I created my first sentence, and then the second, the third…. I was excited and felt the power of the language. The more I learn about Chinese culture, the more I love this country. Then China means affection to me.

We went to visit Chen Clan Academy and New Yuanming Park recently. The classical Chinese architectures and fantastic wall paintings as well as traditional dancing and folk songs all enriched with deep connotations. I am deeply attracted by this country with an ancient civilization of five thousand years. Finally China means admiration to me.

We all know the slogan: learning Chinese happily we make new friends and know more about this world. I love Chinese and I love China more and more.


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