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    My Teachers
    Shared :

    Currently I’m studying at Guangzhou Huamei International School, and I don’t realize I’ve already studied here for 2 semesters, in this school, every lesson I have different teachers. Math, English, Chinese, dormitory are different. I like my teachers and they treat me nicely.


          I came to china to study Chinese so I will talk a bit more with Chinese teachers. They always help me if I’m in trouble, for examplethey teach me how to write a good essay and teach me how to speak Chinese fluently. And sometimes they take me to shops.


          I passed my junior 1 tests, so junior 1 math is easy for me. so my math teachers in china choose some knowledge about junior 3 to teach me ,she knows I will go to Chinese class when I pass HSK4.It is so nice of her.


          My English teacher is British so he speaks English perfectly. At the beginning of this school year, I was too shy to speak English though I understand most they were talking about. Nick and my classmates noticed it, and they encouraged me to talk with them in English patiently. Only one school year passed, I am able to talk in English in a near native way. When I speak English, I feel as comfortable as I speak my mother tongue, Indonesian. Sometimes my teacher also brings some ice creams for us.


          In china I live in school’s dormitory and my teacher is very nice and strict. So when I make mistakes she will criticize me. When holidays came, they would take us to go to another city to play.


          I had a lot of memories with my teachers. From the first time I met them, when we’re in the class and how we communicate. Maybe they always criticize me when I do mistakes, but I know they are doing it for my own good.

          I’m really thankful to the teachers that teach me and I’ll always remember what they teach me and all their help. I’ll remember it forever.

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