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    My English Teacher in Huamei
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    My English teacher is Nick, I like him a lot. The reason I like his class is not only because I am learning English from him but because his teaching methods are easy to understand and enjoyable. Nick basically teaches us by talking to us in English but since only talking about any topic is boring he chooses a topic we enjoy and so we discuss the topic and develop our speaking skills. To develop our reading skills he lends us from time to time enjoyable books or to the students who dislike reading he lends us comic books. I like Nick because he understands us, he knows that we have hard time here at China since we’re not used to the customs of a new country and their strict rules so he tries to lift our burdens a little by playing games with us from time to time, let us watch a movie we find entertaining. Nick is born from a multicultural family he is half British and half French. He is a teacher I love so much.
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