Early on 9th July morning,all the twenty-five Huamei school students gotup and packed their luggage for an exciting trip--July Conversation& AmericanCulture Program in UCR. On the way to the airport, the students chatted witheach other happily and got to
今天是一个特殊的日子,我们代表着 “广州华美英语实验学校”开始了为期两周的欧洲之旅。下午两点我们正式出发乘船去香港坐飞机。我们先是从香港去迪拜再从迪拜去德国。一路上我们有说有笑,其乐融融。不知不觉就到了德国,但是我们到德国时已经是12号中午了,我们之后就乘坐火车到了慕尼黑。随后就入住酒店了,顺带提一下德国老酒店的钥匙是很奇特的他们的钥匙上都是有一个挂坠的。
It is Sunday today. Weather is nice. When we gather at South Front, I find that our students are full of energy and I can tell that they are happy and excited from their smiling faces. Yes, we are going to take the train to Salisbury today.
This week,I was really excited. Because we went to London on Thursday. We went there by train and we have to stay on the train for about 1 hour.
Nowadays, many fish production systems in the world use antibiotics for the purpose of selling more fishes and earn more money. As everyone knows, antibiotic is harmful to the fishes. However, in many fish production systems, the fishermen use antibiotics
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