I could appreciate nothing more than joy and refreshment in this journey, and the Indonesian food really enlightened it.
“Why do you want to join this exchange program?”, the teachers asked us during the first interview. I thought about the culture, the landscape and the food, but I found none of this really satisfying. I can travel to Indonesia myself with more freedom and
Frankly saying, I am not really the best choice for this program. I wasn’t ready. There were some medical conditions I had on me which would potentially cause troubles to the others. I had a surgery cut on my left arm and a couple fake tooth in my mouth,
Different cities send different signals to their “passengers” in subtle yet profound ways. According to Paul Graham’s Cities and Ambition article, Boston (especially Cambridge) wants you “to be smart,” New York wants you “to be rich,” and I somewhat a
A wonderful first week with my Indonesian friends, from the very first opening ceremony, till we went back from Jogja and enjoyed The Maze Runner: The Death Cure in a local IMAX theater.One thing that surprised me the most was when I had my first Indonesi
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