Part of being in an international program are the chances for new experiences and opportunities. GIA is absolutely no exception to this. This year, our Sixth Graders (6.1 and 6.2) are showing just how quickly they can learn and master new skills, both in
The PE. Program here at Huamei International is constantly growing and offeringopportunities for students all ages within the GIA Primary School toparticipate in Sports. Sporting events outside of the School environment againstother local International Sc
Many teachers have historically incorporated gifts or other external stimuli to engage students. To clarify the difference between external and internal motivation is simple. Internal motivation comes from within the student and external motivation is fro
The school has been committed to the school mission “integrating eastern and western educational philosophies, nurturing Chinese modern elites”.
Guangzhou Huamei International School has been a testing centre of the Cambridge English Examination (KET & PET) since 2003.
The GIA program is a twin track program built and operated by Huamei International School and Griggs International Academy. It allows students outside America to receive American Education while still meeting local government educational requirements.
My name is Jonathan Tragash and I am the Coordinator of the American primary school GIA (Griggs International Academy) program; I have been working with GIA for the past four years. My main attraction to this program is that we are able to develop trul
Lots of parents and students ask us about the GIA classes. Are there any diffences between GIA and the normal classes? Of course! GIA is different from regular classes because of their schedule, teachers, books and atmosphere.
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