Good morning to all my fellow colleagues and good morning to my beloved students. Today is a special morning. Today is the first day of the semester. Today is the first day of your new classes, and possibly the first day, with new teachers, new classmate
International Teacher Employment Information(2017-2018 school year) 1. Qualifications  Native English speaker from USA, Canada, UK and Australia are preferable.  Bachelor degree or above, teaching certificates are necessary *  B
Last Monday at flag raising day, I made a promise. I made a promise that I would help make HBIC the best International school in China. I have already embarked on this voyage. Some of you perhaps don’t believe it is possible, while some of you may have
Students playing basketball at Huamei is certainly not new, however having a HBIC Basketball Team that competes with other international schools in Guangdong is definitely new for Huamei. There are two folds of having the basketball program. First, it pr
William E. Couch, Public Affairs Officer of Consulate General of the United States, Guangzhou, accompanied by Mr. Guo Wanzhao, Director of Information Resource Center, came and visited Guangzhou Huamei International School (HMIS). They scheduled to have a
Studying abroad is what millions of people had dreamed of since the great leap in Chinese Economy. It’s a light tower that leads to success, yet it could be a misleading lie to some people. The key to prevent the negatives is to be honest to oneself. That
REPORT: - The PE. Program here at Huamei International is constantly growing and offering opportunities for students all ages within the GIA Primary School to participate in Sports. Sporting events outside of the School environment against other local In
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