You must hold onto sth when you are alive. Uphold will be the faith which can support you to come out from the darkness. And it also can achieve your life. Do you have so many book that you don’t know which to read? Just pick one and read it with patien
Some greatest tragedies which were written by Shakespeare showed lots of philosophies to people. Macbeth was one of the tragedy which was talking about the fate of Macbeth with his ambition. A powerful man must has a capable woman to help him and offer ad
As we know, we will have midterm exam this week. “Good faith” has always been excellent quality of Chinese nation. And being an honest person is also the basic thing for us. So as a member in HBIC, we should have the correct altitude towards the test, ans
I am Lavender, one of the five Huamei exchange students in Fraternal High School in Surabaya, Indonesia. Now at the end of the 14-day cultural exchange program, I feel fortunate to have stayed in this beautiful tropical country with fascinating culture an
Today our topic is Arbor Day, on March 12, it is a special day which is a good time to create green environment, expert the hills and green, and calling people to take care of the environment. I would l
Good morning everyone, I’m the propaganda minister of the Youth League Committee. Today I’m going to introduce our new project to you. The student’s TV station has been set up by the Youth League Committee in order to enrich student’s school life and prov
Good morning everyone, I am Lavender from Senior 3 Class 1 and I’d like ask a question: Do you think the shoes that you wearing have travelled more than you have? I heard different answers, but for me, it’s yes: the Decathlon runner that I am wearing is t
Followed with all the teachers and students have landed in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport safely on January 24th , 2017, the exchange program between Graft-munster Gymnasium(GMG), Germany and Guangzhou Huamei International School(HMIS) has completely successfu
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