Practicing Integrity

Developing Philanthropy

Pursuing Virtue

Seeking Truth

Interpretation of the Huamei International School’s New Logo



The figure of shield encircled by the mango leaves of Huamei Prosperity Tree and the element of the ancient Great Wall represents the brand image of Huamei-“A quality reputable international school rooted in and with a Chinese foundation”, among which the Great Wall and the mango leaves are associated with Chinese and local tradition, while the worldly prevailing image of shield represents international education the school offers.


The main part composed of “H” in white and “M” in purple is the acronym of school name, Huamei. The school mission of “Integrating eastern and western educational ethos” has been naturally blended into the image made up of the two letters. Meanwhile, the shape of “H” and “M” together forms a trophy which stands for the Huamei vision of “Building up a high quality school, following the path of internationalization, and developing a solid educational reputation and brand name”, and it also signifies that Huamei Education is determined to be a magnificent monument in the history of China’s Non-government Education.


As for the colors utilized in the brand image, Purple is the fusion of two colors-red and blue, which has been regarded as noble in both eastern and western culture and indicates the inheritance and innovation that Huamei has been making. Gold represents the meaning of warmth and happiness, which also symbolizes holiness, reputation, and loyalty. White embodies fairness, purity, uprightness and integrity. The combination of these three colors reflects both Huamei’s positioning “Superiority, High-end, Internationalization, Feature” and school motto “Practicing Integrity, Exercising Philanthropy, Pursuing Virtue, Seeking Truth” as well.


Three purple dots above the shield stand for the ritual appliance of the integrated whole of heaven, earth, and human in traditional Chinese culture, and also refer to Huamei’s systematic educational system called “Three Whole Education System-The Whole Potential Development System, The Whole Caring System, The Whole Path Cultivation System”. The idea of three dots furthermore expresses the “Trinity” lifelong learning system that requires joint efforts from teachers, students, and parents.


“1993” at the bottom of the logo is the year of the school’s establishment. Huamei School is one of the earliest private schools since China’s Reform and Open, which embodies that Huamei holds the experience and proven ability of setting up and running high quality schools.



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