On Friday, June 15th,The international students performed a poetry recitation in the international class. They all performed well and could blurt out some of the poems they had learned.
It was about eight years ago that I climbed Mount Huangshan with my cousins for the first time, which made an unforgettable impression on all of us.
With the development of the society, people become more and more concerned about food and good health, without which we cannot study, work or enjoy our life in a good mood. Here is some advice on how to keep fit.
I’m not even sure it is an actually real experience, or it is just a dream of my childhood. —— preface
On Thursday, December 21st, our class preformed at the gym for the Chinese vocal competition against primary and middle school. All of us had a great time. At first, there were some consequences, so practicing was quite difficult. Because some people just
The International Class of Huamei hosted an International Mother Language Day celebration on Tuesday, February 21st. International Mother Language Day is a world recognized holiday, the main purpose of celebrating this day is to promote the awareness of l
In order to stimulate the interest ofinternational students to learn Chinese and test the their study achievementsthis semester. On December 22nd, we held a Chinese speaking competition in theinternational classroom of the middle school.
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